In addition to this, drones can be used to continuously measure gases such as ozone and others that give us an idea about the environmental conditions. Drones can be used successfully for this type of work because they are light in weight and can fly from one place to another relatively easily. They can be set up quickly whenever they are needed and can be deployed as per the requirement within a short period of time. Drones are capable of returning back to the place they flew from in case of failure of flight control.

With the help of drones, important information regarding air quality can be obtained in real-time in the form of photographs, videos as well as air samples. The wind speed and other attributes can also be measured using drones. These drones can be utilized for a relatively low price. The reusability of drones along with its ability to capture pictures from a considerable distance makes it a great tool in this field. Images captured by satellite can be obscured by the presence of the clouds, but the drones stay below the clouds and are therefore able to give you a picture that is more inferable.




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